SharePointAce Consulting Group | About Us.
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About Us.

Many of us have been in the SharePoint world since it's first version AKA Tahoe

Who We Are

We provide a personalized service to our clients and have extensive enterprise deployment experience as many of us previously were consultants at Microsoft.

Our expertise covers the entire platform including

  • Infrastructure Planning
  • Custom Development (modern frameworks)
  • LOB Integration
  • Business intelligence Solutions
  • Business Process Management
  • Enterprise Search
  • Branding and Responsive Design


In general we have over 17 years consulting background and building applications on the Microsoft Platform  and non-Microsoft technologies

Other areas we focus on include :

  • HTML5 web Apps
  • Mobile access to SharePoint via iPhone, iPad, Tablets etc.
  • Office365 Customization/Consulting
  • Web Development on multiple platforms (NodeJS, JavaScript, AngularJS, .NET)
  • Taxonomy and Information Architecture for your Intranet
  • UI/UX for SharePoint and web apps